Start Right: Eight Tips for You

Start Right: Eight Learn to Ski and Snowboard Tips for Your Child (and You!)


In case you haven’t heard, January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. This means good deals on lessons at resorts around the U.S.

So to help you get your kids (and possibly you!) rocking and rolling on snow this winter, here are some top tips to help you start right, and start right now

TIP ONE: Take a Lesson.

While it might be tempting to teach your kids on your own, everyone will get off to a better, less emotional start with a lesson from a professional ski or snowboard instructor.

Ski and snowboard instructors know the latest and best techniques and they know how to teach them effectively.

If you want to teach your kids after the first lesson, ask the instructor if you can join them at the end of the lesson to observe. Then, after the lesson, ask the instructor to suggest appropriate terrain for practicing and for teaching tips that you and your child can use together.

TIP TWO: Be Prepared.

Before the lesson, make sure your kids know what to expect. Visit the resort’s website. Look at the trail map and find the ski school and rental shop. Pick a meeting place and find it on the map. Get oriented before you arrive at the resort.

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